Cautare de comori, cu sau fara gps - Geocutii, ascunzisuri si locuri interesante - Coordonate GPS - Joc diferit de geocaching

Geocutii, ascunzisuri si locuri interesante - Joc de aventura diferit de geocaching - Cautare de comori, cu sau fara gps - Coordonate GPS
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This site exists since August 2007 and is dedicated to geotrekking, a game related to hiking and excursions. Besides the adventure-side, the true challenge of this game is to attract the attention of those desiring to become acquainted with the real values of Romania's cultural, historical and natural heritage.

This site is free and noncommercial, with a cache database independent from other playgrounds. Access to various services of this site is provided on multiple levels, based on user performance and seriousness.

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· Lacul Colibita
· Pasul Tihuta
· Cetatea Mehadia
· Gara Baile Herculane

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